BB Jhadenz

  Enzo x FA Jada by Padrons Psyche

 Bay * 2004 * A.12165 * SCID clear * CA Clear


BB Jhadenz came to the Netherlands in utero of the imported dam FA Jada.

From the second she was born, we knew she was special. Her sire Enzo had no offspring in the Netherlands yet and so her breeding was unique to most.

We liked her, but the question was, was Holland ready for her ? 

Well, with two Championships and two Reserve-Championships at a Regional and National level, it was clear that we had a winner !

We bred Jhadenz for the first time in 2009 with Raffael El Than and she gave us an exceptional and wonderful colt. You will find him under offspring.

You can imagine that Jhadenz is here to stay as she fits perfectly in our breeding philosophy.


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