Psymadre x Bey Unforgettable by Bey Shah

 Bay * 2004 * A.13410 * SCID clear * CA Clear


For a long time we had our eyes on this mare since we met her on one of our visits to the USA. Again her breeding is our so sought after combination of Padrons Psyche and Bey Shah.

Though a granddaughter to both, she perfectly fits our breeding plans. We bought her, and with her came a great bonus which was a foal in utero by the stallion Major Jamaal, a double Ali Jamaal grandson. Since we already decided that breeding to Ali Jamaal descendents would be the next step in our program, the foal would be an omen to our expectations.

Psybrina surprised us with an early birth to a black-born filly which clearly would turn grey. A first for us since we never had a grey foal in 25 years of breeding Arabian Horses. BB Psy Majora Jamaal is maturing into a tall and handsome filly. You can visit her page on this website.

In 2010 Psybrina gave birth to another beatiful filly by Raffael El Than. Unfortunately she had to be humainly euthanized after a stable accident. Her name was BB Psyrah El Than. We are very sad she did not make it. Hopefully next year we get another chance to make the same breeding combination.


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